July 1, 2020

Dear Town and Gown of USC members,

We are pleased to announce that Town and Gown of USC will be back on campus in the Fall for our general meeting luncheons. We will be following all university safety and safe distancing protocols. We will keep you up to date as we learn more. (Reservations will open once the invitations are emailed and sent).

We will also plan to live stream our speakers at the luncheons so you may enjoy hearing our cultural programs from any and all of your devices at home too.

And, more good news to announce.

Town and Gown of USC is awarding 159 scholarships for this academic year. Three brand new scholarships are being awarded from the Christine and Arnold Gregg, the Marc Brown, and the Carol Troy Thueson Endowment Funds.

Please welcome our Board of Directors for 2020-2021.

Town and Gown of USC Presidents’ Circle

  • Jane Bensussen
  • Carol Mollett
  • Yvonne Bogdanovich
  • Thelma Orr
  • Paula Ciaramitaro
  • Judith Pohlmann
  • Jo Ann Conley
  • Alli Solum
  • Sally Edwards
  • Elizabeth Tanner
  • Carol Fox
  • Ruberta Weaver
  • Linda Givvin
  • Patricia Whitman
  • Carol Greenhalgh

Town and Gown of USC Board of Directors


  • CEO/President Hilary Crahan
  • Secretary Patti Johnson
  • CFO Kathleen Campos
  • First Vice President, Investments Laurie Hunter Tiedemann
  • Second Vice Presidents, Scholarship Ann Palmer
  • Carol Wright
  • Scholarship Advisor Sara Pfirrmann
  • Third Vice Presidents, Fund Development
    Elle Feldman
    Jody Zuvich
  • Fourth Vice Presidents, Membership
    Kathryn Johnson
    Virginia Naeve
  • Fifth Vice Presidents, Programs
    Patti Jamgotchian
    Colleen Stroyke
  • Governance Chair Beth Petak-Aaron
  • Nominating Committee
    Sally Edwards
    Mary Hall


  • Benefit Chair Kathi Nicolard
  • Communications Chair Joyce Fadil
  • Hospitality Chairs
    Edie Etmekjian
    Ayuko Siegel
  • Audit Chair Carol Kroesche
  • Audit Committee Christina Jabarian
  • Audit Committee Deborah Wong
  • Governance Committee Debra Bradley
  • Governance Committee Barbara Orechoff
  • Governance Committee Linda Swick
  • Nominating Committee, Chair Christine Gregg
  • Nominating Committee Bonnie Suffridge
  • Nominating Committee Marilyn Kezirian
  • Parliamentarian Helaine Lopes
  • Physical Facilities Chairs
    Marilou Hamill
    D’Arcy McLeod
  • Physical Facilities Committee Becky LaForge
  • Member at Large Denise Magro
  • Member at Large Janyce Teasley

And, finally we want to send out a very public and most sincere thank you to our immediate Past President Paula Ciaramitaro for her dynamic leadership these past two years.

Please know we will send you all of the details about our retuning to campus as soon as we are able. And, please continue to visit us on FB and Instagram too. @townandgownofusc

On behalf of our entire 2020-2021 Board of Directors, we thank you for your on-going loyalty and support for Town and Gown of USC.
Fight on!


Hilary Crahan
CEO/President 2020-2022