Committees are an important part of Town and Gown of USC. This is how our members become involved in the business of our organization.

Members are encouraged to serve on a committee to make friends and contribute to the success of Town and Gown of USC. The Vice Presidents and Chairs of the committees below invite you to select one of the following:

Committee Members read student scholarship applications that are received electronically. The Scholarship program is computerized and paperless, and members of the committee must use a computer to read, evaluate, and score the applications online. Those members who also choose to conduct in-person interviews must record their scores online. Committee members may be called upon to use a computer to interview scholars who are out of the country using a video/voice transmission such as Skype. Therefore, it is important to note, facility with computers and technology is a required skill for all Scholarship Committee members.

  • If a member of the Scholarship Committee has a relative applying for a scholarship, they may not serve on the Scholarship Committee during the academic year in which the relative has applied.

Specific responsibilities and requirements for all committee members:

  • Members commit to approximately 60 or more hours annually – December through April. (Applications are read and scored in December; interviews are held February through April.)
  • Members must be computer literate and feel comfortable using technology and working online.
  • Members must attend the required mandatory interview and application evaluation training session usually held in January.
  • Members are required to check their emails regularly and respond to them in a timely manner.
  • Members may choose only to read and score at least 30 online applications.
  • Members may choose to read and score at least 30 online applications and sign up to be a member of an in-person interview team.
  • Members who sign up to be interviewers must sign up for a minimum of three days during the months of February through April.
  • Members who are scheduled for interviews must arrive at least 30 minutes before the first interview is scheduled. Interviews are scheduled at USC from 10:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
  • Members who interview must complete their evaluations and recommendations online within 48 hours following the day of the interviews.

Members should be available to participate and assist, with the following events:

  • The annual Scholars’ Back-to-School Celebration (early September)
  • The annual Scholarship Luncheon (in February)

Town and Gown of USC members who wish to become a member of the Scholarship Committee may do so when they renew their dues every year in May.

Participate in recruiting new members and welcome all members at general meetings and events. Promote friendship and offer support in the assimilation process of new members into the organization. Be available at general meetings to help at the Membership Information Table on the patio. Provide feedback to the Fourth Vice Presidents, Membership, regarding member satisfaction with luncheons, programs, or other opportunities to enhance the general meetings.

Assist the Co-Chairs in planning the Town and Gown of USC’s major fundraising event, the Annual Spring Benefit, which supports the Scholarship Program and the Campus Beautification Program.

The Benefit Committee meets over several months to plan and execute the many facets of the primary fundraising event of Town and Gown of USC. The Co-Chairs appoint other leadership roles in specific areas such as patron donations, event program book, silent auction, sponsorships, etc. These subcommittees meet to conduct their work separately from the larger committee.

  • If you would like to join this committee work, please indicate your previous experience in fundraising, event planning, or other expertise that would be helpful to the Benefit Co-Chairs.
  • You will be contacted by either the Benefit Co-Chairs or by a subcommittee chair. We welcome your participation in making our next Annual Spring Benefit a major success.

Participate in the spring Programs Committee meeting to plan the next year’s programs and contact speakers as needed. Assist the Fifth Vice Presidents, Programs, by greeting speakers and guests. Provide needed services related to parking, communication, book sales, or other requests.

Assist the Third Vice Presidents, Fund Development, with developing campaigns and events to raise monies for both scholarships and facilities maintenance. Develop recommendations for policies and procedures that will aid in the long-term financial support of our mission. The Fund Development Committee will meet several times per year, or more often when involved in a specific fundraising campaign. The campaigns and suggestions developed by this Committee are separate and apart from the Annual Spring Benefit.

Welcome members and assist with check-in at the monthly general meetings. Provide friendly information to newcomers and encourage introductions among members. Provide and organize volunteers to other Town and Gown of USC committee chairs upon request. Committee members must be able to respond to email communication from the Hospitality Co-Chairs and arrive one hour prior to social time at general meetings.