These members are honored in the Court of Recognition for extraordinary fund development and service to Town and Gown of USC, and for capital gifts to the University. The Court of Recognition and Fountain was presented to USC as our gift in honoring our country’s bicentennial in 1976 and updated September 2013.

Wallis AnnenbergCarolyn Craig Franklin*Eileen Norris*Blanche S. Seaver*
Anna Bing Arnold*Cecele Birnkrant Greenwood*Harlyne J. NorrisJoyce King Stoops*
Charlotte S. Davidson*May Omerod Harris*Jane Hoffman Popovich*Nadine Tilley
Verna B. Dauterive*Elaine Stevely Hoffman*Virginia Ramo*Elisabeth von KleinSmid*
Helen Dedeaux*Elaine Otter Leventhal*Gayle Garner RoskiNadine Watt*
Michele Dedeaux EngemannKatherine B. Loker*Barbara J. Rossier*Marion Wilson*
Dana DornsifeLynne Marshall*Kathryn Sample
* Deceased